Sunday, August 6, 2006

How a bribe went wrong

This is the responding letter to Team KT's offer. Find out what this is all about.


I would be rather impressed if you can show a thing or two to the
large contingent of fine young women in our accompaniment, as we roll
with nothing but the most refined ladies of society.

That said, you DID miss the pickup. and now to ask for favours?

Tsk tsk!

Furthermore...your offer of enrollment in the handlebar mustache club
is thoughtful and appreciated in spirit, but i suppose you would have
had no reason to know of the long standing feud between the Handlebars
and Bavarian Mustache Society that started around the 1800's.

Long story short, back in 1791, Adam Weishaupt, while known mostly as
a cleanly shaven man, actually had a glorious handlebar that only is
revealed during our secert cerenmonies. Like the rastas and their
hair, our um... high priests... derived their powers from their
mustaches, and many developed intense love/hate relationships with
their staches. Adam was no different, he was so in love with his
handlebar mustache, that he decided to secretly apply to the handlebar
mustache club, in hopes of getting the coveted handlebar tie he so
badly wanted. Unfortunately, he also was not able to reveal his
handlebar mustache outside of ceremoney (as that was strictly
forbidden), thus, he had to walk into the handlebar chapter house with
an embarrssingly bare upper lip.

Rejected, and in a fury, Adam came home and reshaped the mustache into
the shape now more popularly known as "the magnum p.i.".

Since then, us of the Bavarian Mustache Society have been at odds with
the Handlebars, causing bloodshed, world wars, and the eventual
decline of europe as a world power.

this is all true. you can look it up.

That said, your continued efforts to try to win our favors is
encouraging. Here I grant you another picture of your lovely target.

Keep hunting and bribing my young assassin.

Good luck and stay dry.

Posted on August 5, 2006

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